Snapshot of some of the journey so far

Snapshot of some of the journey so far

A Snapshot of some of our Journey.

World Changers Academy

So here we are, I am currently sitting in the World Changers academy above writing this. It is Sunday morning, 4 days into the challenge. I am astonished by the opportunities, level of discussion and deep thought we have tackled during the challenge. Just to get you up to date if you haven’t managed to keep up we have just updated the website to include our calendar.

It has been a baptism of fire in South Africa, with the whole team bonding and embracing the South African culture, people and food! The programme at times has been extremely taxing with a few tears along the way.

World Changers Workshop

The picture above is from one of our team meetings. This one in particular with Craig the CEO of world changers as he runs through more information about the centre and it’s activities. But we have also been running a series of other sessions tackling our own development areas with Gori.

James playing football with a local

James playing football with one of the local lads as we visited VUK Africa to have an experience of the valley of 1000 hills and the Zulu culture.

View of the valley of 1000 hills

The incredible view we woke up to in the township. It is such a beautiful country.  TWalking through the valley of 1000 hills with VUK Africa

James and Jamie walking through the township with our guide from VUK Africa.

I have found myself fighting more often than not just to tackle my own personal pre conceptions of people and this beautiful country. Sure there are problems here as there are in most countries, but every person I have met so far from business leaders, families in the township to the leadership students have been so welcoming. 

I feel I am really starting to grasp some aspects of the culture here and also starting to understand more of the problems from crime and drugs to health and mindsets. One of the biggest realisations for me has been my constant assumptions and pre conceptions that are really limiting my growth. One example of this is my conception of the words rich and poor. There are so many factors to that build in to develop the understanding of whether someone is rich or poor and money is such a small factor in it.

There have been so many insights but I just wanted to share a few:

– Give generously and good things will come to you

– Assumptions led to so many problems

– You really can’t understand how to support communities without living in them and talking to the people face to face.

– If you focus on your weaknesses in character rather than skills you will see more success in the future

– Having the same values as colleagues or partners is the key to really high functioning teams


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