What is the South Africa Challenge?

What is the South Africa Challenge?

The South Africa Challenge is a 2 week leadership programme and cultural exchange working in partnership with the World Changers organisation.

The programme takes a team of young, driven people from the UK to Durban, South Africa. The purpose of this programme is to challenge their thought processes, understand the culture of South Africa and begin to apply their minds to world issues. In doing this we aim to create more socially responsible business leaders.

In the summer of 2012, 6 students went out to South Africa with some incredible stories on their return.

SA Team 2012

“Absolutely delighted to have been graded a first class dissertation for my South African focused case study on, ‘the challenges of achieving the human right to water!’ That one is for you Lindo Mbathason, Vusi Khambule, and World Changers Academy, South Africa Challenge 2012, my south African inspirations!” – Hadrian Tulk

“Last year’s South Africa Challenge was amazing; it was great to experience a new culture and to be around other people exploring their goals. Once it was done, I knew I wanted to do more travelling. I’ve spent the last nine months in China, and currently exploring the possibility of being part of this year’s South Africa Challenge as a Team Facilitator.” –Nas Syed

In the summer 2013, we will take a team of 6 young people out to South Africa.


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